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Values Policy

Personal Empowerment:


We support self expression for all individuals involved with our organization. In the face of these losses of wildlife, we strive to empower our community to have a voice and an impact to create massive positive change. Rather than feeling distraught and powerless we can instead be uplifted by taking action together.


We strive to utilize best sustainable practices in all that we do, such that our organization itself is part of the solution to conservation concerns.



We honor and include all races, religions, genders, lifestyles, ages and species. We strive to be non-discriminatory and fair in all of our dealings.



We believe that creativity in the young is a pillar of a better future for all. We strive to honor it and channel it through our innovative platforms.



Through service we transform ourselves and the world around us. May we always be fortunate enough to contribute.

The loss of wildlife species affects not only animals, but people too. Ecosystem balance is necessary for human survival. For example, frogs eat mosquitoes. When frogs do poorly, mosquitoes thrive and cause more concerns for humans, possibly including illness and death. The relationship between ecosystems and the human way of life is tightly woven. We see wildlife wellness and human wellness as intricately intertwined. 

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