Parent/Member Artist Permission Form

Dear Art 4 Animals Club,

I, ________________, assert that I am the parent/guardian of _____________, and give permission for them to become a member artist in this club. I understand that they will use my email address as listed below for all club communications, at least until they are 13 years old. 


I will reach out to if I have any questions or concerns at any point during my child’s involvement in the club. 


I understand that any images of my child's art that is published on the Art 4 Animals Club website, may be used for promotional use. Additionally, I understand that any promotional material generated during the time of my child’s membership that includes their art may still be in use, even if I choose to have my child leave the club. 


If I choose to revoke permission for my child’s membership in this club, I will do so in writing to the above email address. I understand that if I have not notified the club of my desire to end my child’s membership, then my child’s artwork may still be used in the galleries and store.


I have read the FAQs and understand the rules and regulations regarding club participation. I understand that my child can be asked to leave the club if they do not follow the club rules, or for any reason determined by the club facilitators. I understand that if a situation like this were to arise, the club facilitators would explain the reasons this has occurred.


I hope for a great experience in this club for my child.