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Welcome to Art 4

Animals Club!


Art 4 Animals Club is an online club where kids make art to raise money for endangered animals. Membership is free. Our member artists, using an artist name,  upload images of their art to their personal gallery on our website. Buyers that the member artist finds, as well as buyers who come independently to our website, can then purchase products made with the art images in the galleries.  100 percent of the net profits from these sales are donated quarterly (every 3 months) to a recipient non profit organization that is helping to stem the tide of species loss. Our recipient organizations include zoos as well as non profits working directly in wilderness areas. 
You can expect a pie chart to appear on the Recent Campaign page soon after each quarterly campaign closes, detailing how we have allocated any funds needed to be used by our organization. 
Kids' creativity matters. Saving species matters. Art 4 Animals Club combines kids' creativity and species protection, so that all of us together can make a difference that matters.
Come join us! 

Welcome to Art for Animals Club! Our Current Campaign is raising funds for the Audubon Institute. The Audubon institute is a botanical and zoological garden in New Orleans, LA  that take care of many endangered species.````


If you would like to learn more about this campaign's recipient organization, click the sticker to the left! 

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