Frequently Asked Questions

Clubhouse Rules

Are images ever removed from the site?

A member artist may remove an image from their own gallery at any time. If that image also exists in a shared gallery, such as a contest gallery, and the member artist desires for it to be removed, please contact the facilitators to instruct us to take it down. The facilitators hold the right to remove images at our discretion. If this need arises, we will do our best to inform the member artist, and parent/guardian for those under 18, as to the reason behind the image’s removal.

Is there an age limit to participate as a member-artist?

Our program is currently for young people 21 and under.

What rules are in place regarding interactions on the site and anytime when actively representing the club?

At the moment, we are not socializing online as a club, and are not having local in-person clubs. If and when we decide to do those things, the rules are as follows: Our club is a place of kindness, respect and mutual support. We cheer each other on and speak in ways that promote a feeling of inclusion for all club members. Rules are as follows: No swearing or inappropriate language. No bullying of any kind. No negative comments about individuals or groups. We follow the adage,”If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” If you have a problem with another club member, or witness an infraction of the club rules, contact the facilitators for support. Please do not address issues with other member artists on your own.

Are there any additional rules?

Yes, a few! Additional rules are as follows: 1. Member artists must be 21 years old or younger. (If you are older than 21 and want to help, please Spread the Word.) 2. All artwork uploaded to the site must be original and created by the member artist. 3. Member artists must accurately portray the cause and purpose of the club when representing it to others.

What happens if a member artist breaks one of the rules, or in any way behaves against club policies?

If we find that a member artist has broken any of these rules, they will get a warning to stop the behavior. If they continue, they will be removed from the club and no longer allowed to participate. If a parent thinks after a time that their child should be allowed back on the site, they may contact the facilitators to discuss. In the case that a severe violation occurs, the member artist who committed the violation will immediately have their club membership revoked. We are available to discuss why any dismissals have happened. The final decision on being allowed to stay in the club is always in the hands of the facilitators.

If I want to stop being a part of the club, how do I close my account? What happens with my art?

We are sorry to see you go! We hope you enjoyed your time with Art 4 Animals Club. You now have two choices. You can leave your gallery up on the site, so that buyers can still support the club by buying your art. If you want to do this, you do not need to take any actions now or in the future. Simply leave your gallery as it is. Your other option is to email us requesting that we take down your gallery from our published site. If you have participated in any Creation Station Art Activities, your art will continue to be available to our buyers through our Past Campaign galleries. Your personal gallery only shows the ten images you are currently choosing to keep up, but any art you put into the Creation Station remains available for buyers to purchase indefinitely. If you prefer any of your artwork from past Creation Station galleries to be removed from public view, simply email us, and we will take care of it.

Can I start or join an in-person club at my school or in my town?

We are currently not encouraging the creation of in-person clubs. However, you are welcome to start one in your community if other families are interested in participating. We would love to hear about it!

Uploading & Creating Club Artwork

How “good” does my art have to be?

Your art only needs to be good in your eyes. You should consider it finished. That is the only requirement.

How do I properly photograph my art for submission?

Photos of your art can be taken with any camera of reasonable image quality, including a smartphone. You can take the image using the camera app on your phone, or consider using a photo scanning app. A photo scanning app can be downloaded to your smartphone for free. If you do not have your own smartphone you will need to either borrow one or find a camera that uses a similar function. The better your image quality, the better your products will turn out. The image quality will also limit the products that are able to be made with your image. If your image quality is good, more products will be offered that can be created with that image. Don’t have anything in the background of your image. Your final photograph should only include your art. If the image is difficult to crop by hand, a scanning app can resolve this issue. Make sure you do not submit blurry images. If you have a tripod or table or other object to rest your camera/phone on while taking photos, this can help. Consider the lighting and shadows. You may need to take the image from directly above or off to an angle and then crop, to eliminate shadows or glare. Consider softening the light by turning it, so it's not directly aimed at your image, or diffusing the light by other methods, such as photographing outside.

Can my art be created on lined paper?

We prefer unlined paper, but if you create a masterpiece on lined paper that you must submit, you may do so.

Can my art be uncolored (a pencil drawing?)

Yes, as long as you consider it finished in this form.

How do I choose titles for my art images?

You can choose any title that meets our family friendly club policies that you like. Image titles must not exceed 100 characters. If you choose a title that includes keywords that buyers might use to search for art such as “pandas” or “watercolors,” then your art will be searchable by potential buyers looking for those particular image specifications. You can also choose to just get creative in your titles, especially if you are planning - as we hope you are - to spread the word about your art yourself!

Art Allowed in the Gallery

What subject matter is allowed in my club artwork?

Subject matter has to include the natural world in some way: plants, wild animals, pets, zoo animals, landscapes or any other aspect of nature. Elements of civilization are allowed, as long as the natural world is included. Ideally some aspect of the natural world is the main feature or focus of the image. Images that include wilderness animals and their habitats are the most directly connected to our cause, but any image of the natural world is appropriate. For young children and abstract artists, we will take your word on what the image depicts!

What content is not allowed in my club artwork?

Art content must not be gory, gruesome or sexual. Due to the wide range of ages of our member artists, we do not currently allow images of animals actively catching or eating prey, or procreating. If you choose to depict an injured animal, we do not allow blood to be shown. If you are uncertain about these parameters, please ask for guidance from the facilitators before uploading an image. We are not saying that these images have no artistic merit and/or value for raising awareness; they simply are not allowed on this platform.

What art mediums are allowed?

The medium for your art can be anything that can be captured in a photograph. If you make a sculpture, what will be posted in your gallery is a photo of your sculpture. If you make a painting, what will be posted in your gallery is an image of the painting. Anything you can create that can be photographed effectively is fair game. Even temporary art forms, if they are photographed effectively, can be used. Some mediums to consider include: watercolor painting, oil painting, acrylic painting, painting with natural pigments, colored pencil drawings, single pencil drawings, charcoal sketches, oil pastel drawings, crayon drawings, magic marker drawings, clay sculpture, play dough sculpture, sculptures made of metal, wood, found object sculptures, photography, digital art. Make sure to use any art materials safely. Please use parent supervision as needed.

What about abstract representation?

Abstract art is allowed, as long as it represents some aspect of the natural word to you the artist, and is titled and explained in the image description as such.

What about fantastical wildlife? Or hybrids of two species that do not now or have not in the past actually existed?

No, fantastical wildlife and hybrids that do not exist are not allowed.

What about extinct animals, plants and/or their habitats?

Yes, depictions of extinct animals, plants and/or their habitats are allowed.

Is digital art allowed?

Yes, original digital art is allowed.

Rules for Photography

Can I submit unaltered photographs as my art images?

Photographs as the sole art medium are allowed if you take them yourself. Please include information about where the photo was taken in the image description. If you take an image of something on private property or that is proprietary in any way, you must have express permission to use it from an owner or appropriate official. Written permissions for photographs, when necessary, must be emailed to the facilitators. Make sure if you are at a zoo or museum, on safari, on any private property, or using an image that includes anything that might be proprietary, that you get written permission to use a photograph on our site and email it in to us upon uploading that image to your gallery. For a permission slip to use as a template, click here

Is photo manipulation allowed?

As long as the images are your own work, yes! Feel free to get creative! You can do a photo collage, merge images, hand-color images, or do any other artistic manipulation of your choosing.

Can I use images from the public domain as part of my photo manipulated artwork?

Yes. We do not allow you to just upload public domain images as your artwork. However, you can use public domain images if you put them together in a new way, as your artwork or as part of your artwork. Make sure you note that public domain images were used in the art image description. You do not own the image if you have in any way used public domain imagery in your art. You can use it, but you do not own it. If you fail to mention use of public domain imagery and in any way claim ownership of the image, this is called copyfraud. It will result in you being removed from our club. As long as you are up front and have made sure the images you use are actually in the public domain, your art will be welcome and appreciated!

How do I ask permission to photograhph on a private property or privately owned organization such as a zoo?

It's easy! Just print out this form and have an appropriate member of the on site personel or the owner of the property fill it out and sign it. Please e-mail us a copy of the Photography Consent Form along with the art title(s) to which it applies.

Gallery Questions

How is my profile image used on the club website?

On our club website, your profile image represents your gallery. On the gallery home page, visitors will see only your profile image and your artist name. They will click on your profile image to enter your gallery.

How do I get a profile image for my gallery?

If you don’t specify otherwise, the club administrators will automatically turn the first art image you send to us into your profile image. If you would like us to use a different image at any point, simply email us specifying which image you would prefer for your profile image.

How many images can I have in my gallery?

Currently we have a limit of ten images per gallery. If you submit an image to the Creation Station gallery, without adding that image to your personal gallery, then you can have additional images on the club website. If you already have ten images in your gallery and want to add a new image, you can submit the new image and specify which image you would like it to replace.

Can I have more than one gallery?

No. Each member artist is allowed one gallery. In the future, we hope to allow more images per gallery.

Still Have Questions?

Still have questions or concerns?

Feel free to contact us by e-mail at:!

Rewards & Badges

I have heard you give out Art 4 Animals Club notebooks. How do I get one?

Yes, we do give out art notebooks! You are eligible for one as soon as we process sales from your gallery totaling $20 or more. There is no cost to you to get your first notebook - the club will cover the costs of the notebook and shipping. When you have earned $20 for the club through your gallery, click this link to let us know you would like a notebook. If you don’t receive one within 2 or 3 weeks after requesting one, let us know.

I used up my club art notebook, and I want another one. Can I buy one?

Yes, you can purchase a notebook from the club store anytime.

I would love to do some outreach for the club to help gain new member artists. I would also love to try for a badge for referring the most members. How can I keep track of my referrals?

Art 4 Animals Club administrators keep track of referrals through the sign-up sheet member artists fill out when they join the club. Make sure to ask any potential members you invite to mention your member-artist name when signing up. On the sign-up sheet, the new member will find a box that asks how they found out about the club. Ask them to put your member artist name in that box.

What is an L3C

I see that Art 4 Animals Club is an L3C.  What does that mean? Are you a non-profit?

An L3C is designated as a “low profit company dedicated to a cause.” It is essentially a hybrid between a non-profit and a for-profit LLC.

What does this tell me about how Art 4 Animals Club, L3C uses funds from donations and site purchases?

We are not a non-profit. We are instead an organization dedicated to donating funds to nonprofits. We are committed to donating 100 percent of our net profits to a nonprofit recipient organization at the end of each quarterly fundraising campaign that we host. Donating 100 percent of net profits essentially means that we will pay the costs of running Art 4 Animals Club, L3C out of the funds raised, but will not accumulate other significant funds in the company. We may keep a small amount of money in the company to ensure secure functionality in case crises arise. But we will not accumulate stores of funds. Instead, we will regularly donate all unused funds to our current recipient organization. We are also committed to keeping all salaries commensurate to (or lower than) a salary that would be normal for a non-profit of similar size and similar contributions. It is our intention to keep all costs to run Art 4 Animals Club, L3C at the minimum needed for proper, efficient functioning. Additionally, you can expect us to publish a pie chart at the end of each quarterly campaign, detailing earned funds, expenditures, and donations. Our goal is transparency and maximum donation of funds that is fair and feasible.