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Dedications & Gratitudes


To Ann Radding and John Balan, for sharing your love and commitment to animals and the natural world, and for growing the same in us. We wish you were here to see Art 4 Animals Club come to fruition!


Also to Linda Loeb, for inspiring us to figure out where birds sleep and to seek answers to myriad more questions about the natural world. 


Art 4 Animals Club shares a hearty thank you to the following people!


Benjamin Hearst, for funding and lots of moral support and for staying up late with us the night Art 4 Animals Club was born.

Our parents, for decades-long support and for providing happy childhoods.


Destiny Patton, for website development and social media marketing 

Sabrina Narcisse, for partnering with us during pre-launch development

Lauren Stahler, for technical help, friendship and moral support

Rebbecca Shellhamer, for expert website development support

Dolores Cotton, for the logo

Ben Varadi, for legal counsel

Shepard Samuels, for legal counsel

Michelle Hart, for pro bono legal advice


Julia Evans, for explainer video filming and production

Mike Holderbeast, for pro bono explainer video editing

Melissa Cusher, for explainer video prep, acting, and for all the love and care

Preston Narcisse-Lewis, for acting in the explainer video and contributing your art

Noriss Lewis, for acting in the explainer video

Tom Bailey, for the music for the explainer video

Mystery man, for letting us use your treehouse in the explainer video

Charles Atherton & Earl Hearst, for troubleshooting and tips in website development


Anti at ShareTribe, for turning us in the right direction with the website launch

Laura George, for info on starting a website and on POD sites

Reed Ramirez at Art Store Front, for info on modern art buyers.

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