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Club Activities

Creation Station

Every three-month campaign we will host a members-only club-wide Creation Station that begins and ends with the campaign. Each theme of the Creation Station will relate to the work of the recipient organization for that particular campaign. 


    The Creation Station will usually involve creating artwork within specific parameters. The artwork created for the contest will be displayed in a special Creation Station Gallery, which provides greater recognition to the member artists who participate. A member artist may also choose to display their contest-entry artwork in their own gallery as well, although this is not required. 


     We may for example host a Creation Station campaign that calls for member artists to create images of giraffes eating from the trees. We may also offer an additional challenge involving use of a specific art medium. Member Artists who take on the challenge of using the specified medium will receive a Creation Station badge on their profile.The Creation Station is a fun place for us to make art “together” as a community around a common theme.  The challenges are also a way to explore each campaign focus.






Campaign Badge Contest

      In addition to art challenges, each campaign we also host a sales and membership contest. Just like the Creation Station, this activity will begin and end with the campaign.


    At the end of each campaign, three members each earn one of the following badges: 


  1. Most Money Badge: Highest total amount of money any member artist raises for this campaign. 

  2.  Most Sales Badge: Highest total number of buyers who purchased products made from a member artist’s artwork. 

  3. Most New Members Badge: Member artist who brings in the most new member artists during this campaign.

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