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About Us

Our Mission Statement

     At Art 4 Animals Club we empower children to have a voice, to see the value of their own creativity, and to see that their imagination, coupled with their artistic abilities, can bring about positive changes in the world. Our goal is to educate children, and people of all ages, about the plight of wildlife and wild lands. We intend to raise awareness and funds by engaging children and their communities the world over to step up and take responsibility for stewardship of our planet and all of its inhabitants.

How It All Works

     We run quarterly campaigns to empower children and raise funds for wildlife preservation. Therefore, each year we have four campaigns: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  Each campaign lasts three months and raises funds for one particular non-profit. At the end of that three-month time period, we donate 100 percent of our net earnings to that recipient organization.


     During each campaign, we explore the protection efforts of a particular non-profit, learning along the way about the animals and habitats they impact. We inform our club members as much as we can about details and facts pertaining to the campaign focus. We also host shared art activities as well as fundraising contests for our member artists.  We do not judge the art the children create beyond basic reviewing for content and family-friendliness, according to our club policies. Young people of all ages and artistic abilities may participate. Children under age 13 need parental permission. 


     We are an L3C. This means we are a hybrid between a non-profit and a traditional LLC. An L3C is a low-profit company with an ethical vision. 

     We are also a club. Membership is free. We strive to create a sense of community for our member artists, buyers and recipient organizations, and to provide resources for our community.  Our member artists are young people (21 and under) who are inspired to use their own creativity to make a difference in protecting wildlife and their habitats. Our buyers are people of any age who purchase from our website. They purchase prints and products made with the art images that our member artists have uploaded to our online gallery. Buyers may also purchase gifts from our gift shop. There is also the option for individual donors and sponsoring companies to make donations without purchasing our products.

Our Finances & Donations

     At the end of each three-month seasonal campaign, we donate 100 percent of the net profit from the monies earned directly to our current recipient non-profit organization.  We then publish a pie chart that depicts how our gross profit was used, including our organizational costs and campaign donation. We aim to donate as much as possible while running a healthy organization. 


     How are the Donations Used? The way each recipient organization will use the funds they receive varies and depends on the recipient organization's goals and methods. We carefully choose organizations to support that we feel are well-run and doing valuable work.  


     We also do our best to provide as much information as we can about how donations are being used. We request that each of our recipient organizations give us an update six months after receiving the donation and again after one year. We also ask them to update us anytime something special and wonderful transpires in their work. We want our member artists and buyers to know the results of their efforts. We love to rejoice together about any improvements in the lives of wilderness animals and the sanctity of their habitats that our efforts support.

Join Our Club

     We invite you to join our club. Whether you are a member artist, a buyer, a donor, or a parent of a member artist, you are so important to the joy and success of our club and its mission. We’ll see you in the clubhouse and galleries!

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Want to see our latest art creations? Find out what’s going on in our clubhouse and galleries? Interested in hearing updates about our fundraising successes? Just want to be in the know about our club community? Stay in the loop of the hottest kids art and conservation club around! We deeply respect your privacy and will never rent or sell your information to anyone without your express permission.

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